Keeping your employees healthy, focused, and engaged has never been more important. Tim Bish Wellness offers a range of wellness programs for companies of all sizes. From one-off workshops to on-going weekly programs, Tim Bish Wellness can customize a program that is right for any company.


Company Testimonial: 

“Four years ago, Liquidnet reached out to Tim to run a one-time corporate Yoga program. The program was set up with a beginner class and intermediate class so employees could participate regardless of their experience level. He then took it upon himself to further modify the classes to help employees with old injuries participate. Employees loved it and because of the popularity and success of the program we continue to offer it today.
Tim is highly knowledgeable about Yoga, and a pleasure to work with. More importantly, his offering brings a valuable dimension to our employee wellness program”. 

- Jeri Medrea, Global Head of Talent Engagement at Liquidnet (a NYC-based financial services firm)

Corporate Offerings:

Yoga Beginner Basics Series:  This course is designed for complete beginners or students looking to refine their existing practice. Each week will introduce yoga asanas (postures), breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices. The instructor will break down each technique so that it is easy to understand and allow plenty of time to practice. Each week will build upon the week before so that by the final session the students are able to flow through a complete practice.

Yoga Intermediate Series: This course is designed for students who have completed the Beginner Basics Series or have a regular practice of their own. The focus will mainly be on cultivating a regular practice, reviewing fundamental material, learning more advanced postures, embodying a sophisticated approach to the practices, and exploring means by which to apply the tools gained through Yoga to one’s everyday life.

Signature Workshops

    • Inversion Workshop: This workshop explores the foundation of an inversion practice and provides an opportunity to practice these powerful postures with a variety of approaches. Because every body is different this workshop will provide different tools and techniques so that each student and find what works best for their body. This workshop will require access to unobstructed wall space.
    • Breath and Meditation Workshop: This workshop explores a variety of breathing techniques and explains the practical application of each. Then a few simple meditation techniques will also be explored with a time to practice each. The workshop will end with shavasana relaxation with guided relaxation.
    • Conscious Movement Workshop: This workshop is an exploration of conscious movement utilizing a combination of yoga practice and some movement based acting techniques. The focus of this workshop is to utilize our other senses and levels of consciousness to cultivate a deep inner focus. The majority of this workshop relies on simple movement like, walking, swaying, changing directions while walking, and slight knee bending but some basic asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) will be utilized.  This is a good team building exercise.
    • Restorative Yoga Workshop: This workshop explores restorative postures to guide the student towards deep relaxation and recuperative rest. This workshop requires plenty of props including; blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps.

    Movement Fitness Classes: These classes combine techniques from dance, yoga, Pilates, and aerobics to create a whole body workout. Each class will utilize body weight exercises to support lean muscle mass and rhythm based movement to work the cardiovascular system.